If we all will suffer from stress at some point what causes it?

As human beings we are pre-programmed to experience stress. At the root of all stress is the potential absence or removal of something that we perceive as necessary to our survival. This could be food, heat, shelter – hence the potential stress of the increases in the cost of living. As human beings love and human connection are also essential for our survival. It has actually been show that for us the most significant stressors are those which threaten us emotionally.

This can help to explain why when our self-esteem or sense of belonging and acceptance is threatened we can feel more stressed.

The research also tells us that there are three things that universally can lead to stress: Uncertainty, a lack of information and the loss of control. Do any of these resonate with you? Maybe next time you’re feeling stressed ask yourself which one of these three is underpinning the way you are feeling. That could help guide you in the next best steps to take.