We all have a voice inside our head. It’s the one we use to speak to ourselves. It’s the voice we hear more than any other and that’s why it’s so important. It’s the voice that has the biggest impact on the way we think feel and behave.

Have you ever faced a challenging situation that requires courage and the voice inside your head is talking to you loud and clear? What is it saying? How about ‘ You’re definitely going to mess this u. You’re never any good at this sort of thing. Remember the time xyz happened? Why are you even bothering going’.

How does that voice make you feel? How does it make you want to behave? If it was me I know I would probably feel less confident, anxious and like I absolutely didn’t want to face the situation.

What if the voice inside your head was saying loud and clear ‘You can do this! You have all of the qualities necessary to deal with this situation. ‘Remember the time you successfully dealt with xyz’ How would that voice make you feel? How would you behave differently? Would you be able to face the situation with calmness and courage, increasing your chances of succeeding?

Questions to Consider

The impact of the voice inside your head cannot be underestimated and it can be helpful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Whose voice am I hearing? Is it my voice ? Or is the voice of someone that has been critical to me in the past? What do I truly think?
  • What is the evidence that what this voice is saying is factually true?
  • Is there another more positive way to view things?
  • Can I change this voice to one that is kind and compassionate?

By beginning to question the voice inside your head you can begin to change the way you think, feel and behave.