Supporting and responding effectively to mental health challenges to ensure positive personal and business outcomes

Showing you care

We understand that it can be difficult to know how to respond to mental health challenges. The stakes can be high and its important to get it right. Having the right support in place can make a huge difference and is an essential part of a mentally healthy workplace. It shows you care, helping your people to feel valued and ensuring the impact of mental health challenges on working and home lives is minimised. We offer a variety of support solutions that have been designed to both support individuals and equip them with knowledge and tools to support themselves and others. Future proofing your people and your organisation.



Our online short courses are evidence based, effective and easily accessible. They cover the most common mental health problems, mental health awareness and how to support individuals in the workplace. For licenses or bespoke courses please get in touch.


Our in person or virtual workshops cover a variety of topics and can be tailored to your organisations needs. We recommend engaging in our needs assessment to ensure the workshops we deliver will provide the maximum benefit to your people and organisation.


We're the mental health experts so you don't have to be. What can present as a behavioural or performance issue may be a mental health issue. Balancing commercial and wellbeing needs can be difficult. We're on hand to help you support individuals effectively, confidently and safely.


Regular supervision with a qualified mental health professional can provide essential space and support for those in your organisation responsible for the wellbeing of others. Regular supervision can help to prevent burnout, support their own wellbeing and ensure they are acting within their competencies.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

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