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Mental Wellbeing Supervision

Mental wellbeing supervision is specialised, tailored support delivered by a mental health professional. Taking place either monthly or bi-weekly on a one to one or small group basis.

The sessions can benefit anyone who has wellbeing or people responsibilities or who may be exposed to emotional distress as part of their role. Line managers, Mental Health First Aiders and those working in Human Resources will find mental wellbeing supervision particularly helpful.

The sessions provide a space to reflect, process and address wellbeing challenges. Attendees can also gain a deeper understanding of the emotional impact of their role, identify any gaps in their knowledge or skills and build resilience.

Mental wellbeing supervision is an effective way of providing ongoing support that enhances professional and personal development whilst facilitating sustainable wellbeing benefits at an organisational level: As the people who look after the people, are equipped to do the right things with clarity and confidence. 

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