To thrive tomorrow you need to build resilience today
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Our workshops are empowering, interactive and delivered by a mental health professional. Based on the latest resilience research they've been designed to reduce stress and burnout, increase resilience and wellbeing whilst equipping participants with the knowledge to sustain changes and positively influence the resilience of their organisation.

This is our most popular half day resiliency workshop and can be delivered online or face to face.

It is invaluable to be able know exactly what you need to do when things are difficult and how to maintain a balanced perspective so you can move forward in a positive and purposeful way. Our resiliency mapping workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge to be able to navigate successfully challenges of all sizes. Minimising the impact on wellbeing and commercial objectives.

They will learn what internal and external resources they need to develop and maintain resilience, how to build them and how to maximise their effectiveness. Leaving them with a roadmap of how to navigate both small struggles and significant challenges.

Our resilient leadership workshop has been designed to reduce stress and burnout, enhance  resilience and positively influence the resilience of team members. A 3 hour workshop delivered online or face to face.

Resilient leaders are better leaders. Participants will learn how to navigate challenging situations and conversations and how to increase their wellbeing which will enable them to be more authentic, patient and empathic leaders. 

Our power hour online lunchtime workshops are a popular way of increasing resilience when there are time constraints. We’re able to shine the spotlight on a specific area of resilience such as stress, sleep, anxiety and compassion. Providing participants with insight and actionable knowledge and skills.

If you have identified specific challenges and would like us to design a resiliency workshop to meet your organisations needs please get in touch. We’re always happy to have an informal chat about what would be most beneficial.