Work can promote mental wellness, when we create healthy working environments and relationships.

Solving the Sunday Night Blues

Work that makes you feel good creates social and economic impact

At The Peachy Mind we believe that mentally healthy workplaces should enhance mental wellbeing. We can help you to develop the positive organisational attributes that promote mental wellbeing.

  • Purposeful and meaningful work enhances self-esteem.
  • Positive work relationships can improve social connections and reduce loneliness.
  • A supportive workplace culture helps reduce anxiety and increases feelings of psychological safety. 
  • Identifying and celebrating what is being done well positively impacts confidence and self-identity.

Mentally healthy workplaces are more financially successful and create a wider positive social and economic impact. Employees who are happy at work benefit from lower rates of physical and mental illness and have the resources to contribute positively in their personal relationships and communities. 

How We Can Help

We recognise that every organisation is different and this is the rationale behind starting with our enhancing mental wellbeing survey. We’ll collect a range of qualitative and quantitative data to identify what you are already doing well and opportunities for improvement. Based on the results of this data we will make recommendations and work with you to create a development programme tailored to your organisation. To find out more and get started contact us:


Mentally Healthy Workplaces

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