Compassionate resilience coaching is an investment in the now and in the future. We can't always prevent adverse life events from happening but we can future proof ourselves and our organisations, by developing our ability to respond to them effectively.

Single One to One Session

If you’re short on time but focused on taking action and enhancing your resilience this session is for you. This is a solution focused session where we will work intensively on your personal resilience. Explore any specific issues relating to your mental wellbeing that are holding you back and learn how to respond flexibly and with purpose. Starting with a pre session assessment form we’ll then work together for 90 minutes on the phone, zoom or in person. We’ll wrap up by putting everything together in a written compassionate resilience plan for you to put into action.

Investment £200

3 Month One to One Package

A 3 month coaching package suitable for leaders, managers and individuals. Building compassionate resilience can positively impact anxiety, self-esteem, relationships and stress levels.

Tailored to your challenges and goals, learn how to make lasting, sustainable changes to your resilience.  

Prices start from £400 per month. (Longer term packages are available)

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a great way of building collective resilience within your organisation. By working together in this way, their ability to cope and recover from adverse events is enhanced. Focusing on a shared, purpose and vision for the future, the group can learn how to adapt and move forward. Compassionate resilience skills will support them in taking a balanced and flexible approach to challenging situations. Less afraid of failure and difficulties and more confident in their ability to recover, they will be able to take calculated risks, appropriate personal responsibility and move forward positively.

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