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Our Commitment to You

We are strengths focused and believe that prevention is better than cure. Taking a whole organisation approach we will work with you to build upon what you already do well. Supporting you in creating a psychologically healthy and safe culture and working environment. Where risks are reduced and your people are able to flourish, safe in the knowledge that they have the support, systems and strategies in place to be able to maintain their mental wellbeing and navigate challenges successfully. 

Our values underpin our commitment to you and we’re passionate about ensuring we do more than just name them. We want you to experience them: 


You will experience us as being reliable and trustworthy. We’re here to relieve some of the stress and if we say we’re going to do something you can depend on us to do it.  


We recognise the value of partnering with you. We know you are the experts on your organisation and how imperative it is that your employees voices are heard. When you work with us we will be cooperative, accommodating and flexible.


You will experience this value in the way we are willing to be vulnerable and uncomfortable in pursuit of honesty. We’re compassionate but firmly believe you need to be able to trust us and honesty underpins this.


Our clinical backgrounds mean that we are trauma informed and we will always prioritise the psychological safety of your people. All of our services have been designed with safety in mind. We recognise the fragility and vulnerability that surrounds mental wellbeing.


We’re highly qualified and experienced mental health experts so you don’t have to be. Our services are regularly updated to reflect the latest scientific research and insights.

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