Our Approach

Providing you with a clear, evidence based pathway to a mentally healthy workplace.
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"A mentally healthy workplace provides the ideal environment for an engaged, resilient and productive workforce that can contribute fully towards achieving personal and commercial success."

An Integrated Approach

  • Most approaches to workplace mental wellbeing focus on individual solutions and responding to mental health challenges. Whilst this is an important element of a mentally healthy workplace it isn’t a solution, if the working environment we return to is unhealthy. With ever increasing work related stress, anxiety and depression it is clear this approach wasn’t working prior to the pandemic and won’t work in the future.
  • We know that work can be good for our mental health and when we work in healthy environments that protect our mental health, support us when needed and positively enhance our lives. Our approach integrates three key elements that when integrated are essential for creating mentally healthy workplaces. 
  • We provide you with a clear pathway to target your wellbeing investment where it is most needed. Protecting, supporting and promoting mental wellbeing naturally overlap and positively reinforce each other, resulting in long term organisational and individual level changes. 
  • At The Peachy Mind we’re passionate about the positive social and economic value that can be created by mentally healthy workplaces:  Peachy Workplaces = Peachier People that can contribute positively to the economy and their communities. 

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