What does is take to cultivate a mentally healthy workplace?

Why invest in mental wellbeing?


  • Mentally healthy workplaces are happier places to be. People feel safe and connected and are able to contribute effectively to the organisation and their communities. 
  • Mentally healthy workplaces are more financially successful.
  • Deloitte has found that for every £1 a business invests in mental health initiatives, they will see an average of £5 returned.
  • The Peachy Minds approach integrates prevention and support and the research tells us that the more preventative the approach the bigger the return on investment
  • Investing in mental wellbeing creates social impact and can help organisations to meet their corporate social responsibility objectives.
  • Mentally healthy workplaces attract and retain the best staff. The pandemic has fuelled a reassessment of priorities – people want work to be good for their mental health.
  • Future proof your organisation. Resilient people create resilient organisations.
  • Increase your competitive advantage – A mentally healthy workplace maximises your peoples potential to contribute their energy and their best ideas.  

We understand that your time and resources are precious and you don’t want to waste them on wellbeing interventions that are ineffective. This is why when you partner with us will support you in measuring the impact and outcomes of your investment. 


Partnering with The Peachy Mind

There are two different ways you can work with us...

Whichever option you choose, we recommend that you consider starting with a mental wellbeing needs assessment to identify where to target your investment for maximum impact.

Monthly Plans: What difference would it make to have a mental wellbeing consultant on your team? Our monthly plans outlined below offer the best value for money. They are an excellent way of demonstrating your commitment to a mentally healthy workplace and can be tailored to meet the needs of your people and your organisation. Ongoing investment in mental wellbeing will provide the best return on your investment and support sustainable positive changes.

Single Purchases: If you have identified your organisations wellbeing needs and would like to add to your current wellbeing offering, all of our services and products can be purchased singularly or in flexible quantities. Please get in touch so we can understand your needs and how we can help. 


Find the plan that best suits your organisation.


Our pay as you go package is suitable for smaller organisations at the start of their wellbeing journey. Additional services can be added as and when you need them. (0-80 employees)
  • An online wellbeing needs assessment to support your wellbeing strategy.
  • Monthly mental health awareness e-newsletter for all staff.
  • Electronic promotional material to support mental wellbeing.
  • Access to qualified mental health professional (additional fees apply)
  • 10% discount on all courses and workshops.


Having an outsourced mental health expert on hand will save you valuable time and money. Our most popular package is tailored to the needs of your organisation.
  • Wellbeing needs assessment and analysis to identify your organisations next steps.
  • Monthly mental health awareness e-newsletter for all staff.
  • Electronic promotional material to support mental wellbeing.
  • 2 hours per month of mental wellbeing consultancy with a mental health professional.
  • Ongoing access to three online courses for all employees.
  • Mini mental health awareness online course for all leaders.
  • Psychological health and safety risk assessment workshop.
  • Work that promotes mental wellbeing survey and recommendations.
Most Popular


Partnering with you every step of the way in protecting, supporting and promoting the mental wellbeing of your people. Helping you build a mentally healthy workplace with clarity and confidence.
  • Comprehensive wellbeing needs assessment and analysis. Reported back to you by a mental wellbeing consultant.
  • Company branded monthly mental health e-newsletter for all staff.
  • Company branded electronic promotional material to support the needs identified in your wellbeing assessment.
  • Access to a dedicated mental wellbeing consultant.
  • A suite of six company branded online courses to support mental wellbeing.
  • Online mental health awareness course for all employees.
  • Full psychological health and safety risk assessment with interim review.
  • 1 hour per month reflective online supervision for a pre agreed number of employees.
  • Workshop and people survey to identify gaps and opportunities in organisational attributes that can enhance mental wellbeing.
  • This plan can be tailored to your organisation, with elements added or removed to meet your needs.

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