We partner with organisations to help them create mentally healthy workplaces. Working environments that actively help their people to feel at their best, ensuring they can do their best.
Making a positive commercial, personal and social impact.

How we can help your organisation..

Everyone wants to work in a mentally healthy workplace and we know you want to do the rights things and make a difference. By following our protect, support and promote framework, you can understand what you need to do and why. Providing you with a clear pathway to a mentally healthy workplace.
We’re the mental health experts so you don’t have to be.


Assessing and reducing risks to mental wellbeing in the workplace can prevent a substantial proportion of work-related common mental health problems.


We can help you to support and respond effectively to employees who are struggling with their mental health. Reducing the impact on personal and working lives.


Solve the Sunday night blues by creating a workplace culture and environment that actively enhances and promotes mental wellbeing. Work can be good for your mental health.

Mental Wellbeing at Work Needs Assessment

Let us help you to discover what you are doing well and identify opportunities for improvement, so you can target your investment effectively.

Mentally Healthy Workplaces

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