Corporate Wellbeing

Consultancy and wellbeing services delivered quickly to support positive change and minimise the impact of challenging events on your workplace.

Consultancy Services

Rebecca Smith is an experienced psychotherapist and mental wellbeing consultant. Through her years of clinical experience in a variety of private, public and charitable organisations she has a deep understanding of mental health and compassionate resilience. She knows just what it takes for individuals and teams to maintain their mental wellbeing and move forward from adverse life events. Rebecca combines her clinical experience with her knowledge of science backed (MSc) sustainable solutions and excels in the following:

  • Compassionate resiliency mapping and strategy development for forward thinking organisations – helping you future proof your people and business whilst maintaining mental wellbeing.  
  • Resilience Building Webinars and Workshops.
  • Wellbeing Strategies – Rebecca can help you to create a plan that is valued, utilised and provides a measurable return on your investment.
  • Trouble shooting – performance and absence issues are often underpinned by mental wellbeing challenges. With a mental health expert guiding you, sensitive situations can be responded to effectively – leaving you with a happier, more productive employees.

Employee Wellbeing Support

  • Our employee counselling service provides the opportunity for individuals to work through current challenges whilst gaining the tools and strategies to maintain mental wellbeing in the future.
  • Because we get to know you and your business, we can encourage and support open communication. We can also identify any systemic issues and work with you to make any business changes needed to optimise the mental wellbeing and resilience of your people. 
  • Setting up a referral pathway for your business is simple and we make it easy for your people to refer themselves for counselling.
  • We also offer a suite of online courses which are evidence based and have been developed by mental health experts. Covering a range of subjects they are suitable for both providing an additional level of mental wellbeing support.

Accessing our Services

To find out more about any of our corporate wellbeing services please get in touch. Rebecca is warm. approachable and always happy to answer any questions you may have.