What a Year This Week Has Been.

2020 will undoubtedly be a year that that we will look back on as being remarkable for a whole host of reasons. However right now with just over 7 weeks left of 2020, it feels for many of us as though it is passing by in a blur. We feel as though we’ve blinked and 2020 is nearly over which conflicts with feeling as though its been the longest year we can remember.

Our sense of time and our ability to process memories has been negatively affected by the pandemic. We have endured periods of intense monotony and isolation whilst also having to navigate huge unexpected changes.

The normal markers and milestones of the passing of our weeks, days and months have been removed. From missing weekly hobbies to cancelled annual holidays. Our brains like routine and patterns and without it they really struggle to process the passing of time accurately. Our brains like the stability and certainty of: this is the past, this is the present and this is the future. Its helps us to be able to file memories appropriately, be grounded in the present and plan for the future. Without this we feel stuck between the past and the present and uncertain about the future.

If this all sounds very familiar to you, then you are not alone and it won’t last forever. Establishing a daily and weekly routine can help. But be kind to yourself and build in some flexibility for if things need to change. Your brain will thank you.