Because your business is only ever as strong as your people
supervision of mental health first aiders

Rebecca Smith


Rebecca is an experienced psychotherapist and mental wellbeing consultant. Through her years of clinical experience in a variety of private, public and charitable organisations she has a deep understanding of mental health and resilience. She knows just what it takes for individuals, leaders and teams to maintain their mental wellbeing and move forward from adverse life events. Rebecca combines her clinical experience with her knowledge of science backed sustainable solutions and can help your business and people to thrive and build a stronger future.

Resiliency Mapping

Working with leaders and decision makers, our unique resilience mapping will enable you to build and maximise internal and external resources and assets to help you future proof your business and people whilst maintaining mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing Strategies

We can support you in creating a strategy based on the latest evidence based mental wellbeing advice. A strategy that will be valued, utilised and can provide a measureable return on your investment.


Performance and absence issues are often underpinned by mental wellbeing challenges. With a mental health expert guiding you, sensitive situations can be responded to effectively – leaving you with a happier, more productive employees.