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Resilient Leaders Coaching

This programme has been designed to support the development of authentic, compassionate and resilient leaders that are agile and respond positively to challenges:

  • Delivered to your senior leaders either one to one or to a small group.
  • Evidence based strategies and insights based on the six core processes of Acceptance and Commitment Coaching will ensure the changes made last and have maximum impact. Maximising the return on your investment.
  • Strengthen their ability to respond thoughtfully to adverse events whilst maintaining the mental wellbeing of the team.
  • Learn new ways to adapt, be flexible and maintain a balanced perspective.
  • Develop the skills to be able to take purposeful action when under pressure and maintain a balanced perspective.
  • Reduce your leaders vulnerability to stress and burnout.
This programme will enable your leaders to develop the inner strengths and mental resources to cope with adversity and bounce back from challenges. Ensuring purposeful, solution focused decision making and sustainable mental wellness.

Programme Structure

Would you like to experience the benefits of increased resilience?

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