The founder of The Peachy Mind: Rebecca Smith, is a qualified psychotherapist and mental wellbeing consultant. Working in businesses, charities, schools and forensic settings she gained 1000’s of hours of clinical experience and is an expert in just what it takes to navigate challenges successfully and what environments support wellbeing. Armed with years of knowledge of just what brings people to therapy and what they need to be different in their workplaces, to be able to maintain their mental wellbeing and drive personal and commercial success, Rebecca founded The Peachy Mind. She’s driven by a passion for delivering our integrated framework that goes upstream and rather than waiting for someone to be in stormy waters, creates mentally healthy working environments where everyone can flourish.

What’s in a name?

Peaches are often referred to as the fruit of calmness and with a strong centre and special skin that allows the rain to run off the fruit rather than soak in and cause damage, they epitomise our approach to mental wellbeing.

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