Why Peaches?

Peaches are often referred to as the fruit of calmness. They have a strong centre and a special skin that allows the rain to run off the fruit rather than soak in and cause damage. The peach epitomises our approach to mental wellbeing. There are times in life whether at home or at work where we would all like things to be more peachy.

We take a holistic approach to mental wellbeing and believe everyone can develop the inner strength, skills and knowledge to navigate challenges and influence positive changes in the environment around them. 

Through support, education and empowerment we can create virtuous circles of mental wellbeing. Where individuals know how to maintain their mental wellbeing and can flourish. In turn they can actively nurture healthier relationships and  have the resources and reserves to help those they care about. Making a positive social and economic impact. 

The founder of The Peachy Mind: Rebecca Smith, is a qualified psychotherapist and mental wellbeing consultant. Working in businesses, charities, schools and forensic settings she gained 1000’s of hours of clinical experience and is an expert in just what it takes to navigate challenges successfully and what environments support wellbeing. Armed with years of knowledge of just what brings people to therapy and what they need to be different in their lives and workplaces to be able to maintain their mental wellbeing Rebecca founded The Peachy Mind. She’s driven by a passion for bringing the knowledge and techniques from behind the closed doors of therapy room to empower others to maintain their mental wellbeing and create healthier living and working environments. Because everyone deserves to be able to create a peachier mind.