Partnering with you to transform the mental wellbeing of your people. Evidence based, preventative strategies that protect and promote mental wellbeing, supporting commercial and personal success

As experts in mental wellbeing and psychological health and safety we can be trusted to help you create a working environment where people feel and perform at their best.

How we can help

Partner with a mental health professional and receive expert guidance and sustainable solutions that will reduce psychosocial risks in the workplace and promote mental wellbeing.

Workshops, Webinars and Courses. Based on the latest scientific research and designed to build resilience and wellbeing. So your people and business can thrive.

Future proof your leaders and your people through our resilient leaders coaching programme. Reduce vulnerability to stress and burnout and increase ability to respond purposefully.

Psychological Health & Safety Risk Assessments

Working with you to minimise risks and a create healthy and safe work environment

Why Choose The Peachy Mind

At The Peachy Mind we do things differently. Combining professional expertise with clinical experience, we’re passionate about going upstream and addressing the deeper organisational factors that have an adverse impact on mental wellbeing. Reducing risk and creating a healthy work environment so your people and organisation can stay on course for success. Find out more in this video featuring our founder Rebecca Smith MSc MBACP.

The Peachy Blog

Simone Biles – ‘The Perfect Gymnast’

What can business leaders learn from Simon Biles prioritising her mental wellbeing? Simone Biles, American Gymnast has been praised for prioritising her mental wellbeing during the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. The Olympics demand perfection but has this pressure finally caught up with Simone Biles? What can we learn about the impact of perfectionism on performance and mental wellbeing in the workplace. A Culture of Perfectionism A

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What employees want you to know about their mental wellbeing as restrictions lift.

As restrictions in the UK come to an end, signalling a return to the office for many, how can you support mental wellbeing? Now is a key time for demonstrating your commitment to supporting mental wellbeing. How smoothly the transition goes will directly impact your peoples wellbeing and their ability to maintain it and remain at work in the longer term. It helps to understand

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Hope for 2021

Cultivating Hope is Good for Our Mental Wellbeing. This year its been hard to feel hopeful. It’s been a year full of challenges and uncertainty, not to mention loss and loneliness. However the science tell us that having hope or feeling hopeful is good for our mental wellbeing and the good news is that even if we’re not naturally hopeful its something we can learn.

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