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At The Peachy Mind we specialise in resilience. Resilience is essential, it is what enables us to recover from challenges of any size. We help organisations and individuals to maximise their internal and external resources and learn how to become their own strongest ally. Enhancing their ability to thrive and move forward with passion and purpose.


Our Services

Organisational resiliency is inextricably linked to the resilience and mental wellbeing of its people and their individual contributions. Our range of online and face to face workshops and webinars are evidence based and help build resilience so your people and business can thrive. Find Out More

Rebecca Smith is an experienced psychotherapist (MSc) and mental wellbeing consultant. Through her years of clinical experience in a variety of private, public and charitable organisations she has a deep understanding of mental health and resilience. She knows just what it takes for organisations to build and maintain their resilience. Find out how Rebecca can help your organisation.

Our one to one and group leadership coaching programmes can be delivered in person or face to face (depending on your location). Learn how to be an authentic, compassionate and resilient leader that contributes towards building an agile, thriving organisation. Find Out More

Our employee counselling service provides the opportunity for individuals to work through current challenges whilst gaining the tools and strategies to maintain mental wellbeing in the future. Because we get to know you and your business, we can encourage and support open communication. We can also identify any systemic issues and work with you to make any business changes needed to optimise the mental wellbeing and resilience of your people. Find Out More

All of our online courses are evidence based, empowering and effective. You can begin your journey to enhance your resilience from the your own home or workplace. With a variety of courses to choose from you  all have been expertly designed to build resilience and can be studied at a pace to suit you. Find Out More

Private, confidential one hour counselling sessions. Taking place either online or face to face, together we can look at what positive changes you would like to make and how to make them. Learn new ways to navigate life’s challenges and become more resilient. Find Out More

Our one to one resiliency coaching programme has been designed to support you in taking back control of your future and enhancing your resilience. Learn how not to be led by fear but to be guided by your passion and purpose. Find Out More

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Peachy Blog

Hope for 2021

Cultivating Hope is Good for Our Mental Wellbeing. This year its been hard to feel hopeful. It’s been a year full of challenges and uncertainty, not to mention loss and loneliness. However the science tell us that having hope or feeling hopeful is good for our mental wellbeing and the good news is that even if we’re not naturally hopeful its something we can learn.

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The Blur of 2020

What a Year This Week Has Been. 2020 will undoubtedly be a year that that we will look back on as being remarkable for a whole host of reasons. However right now with just over 7 weeks left of 2020, it feels for many of us as though it is passing by in a blur. We feel as though we’ve blinked and 2020 is nearly

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The Voices You Hear Inside Your Head Matter.

We all have a voice inside our head. It’s the one we use to speak to ourselves. It’s the voice we hear more than any other and that’s why it’s so important. It’s the voice that has the biggest impact on the way we think feel and behave. Have you ever faced a challenging situation that requires courage and the voice inside your head is

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