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Mental Wellbeing Supervision

Ongoing specialized support from a mental health professional provides an opportunity for those within your organisation with mental wellbeing responsibilities, to take care of their own wellbeing and sustainably address the wellbeing needs of your people and organisation.

Mental Wellbeing Consultancy

Would you like a mental health expert on your team? Let us remove some of the frustration, overwhelm and confusion. We’re the mental health experts so you don’t have to be. Saving you time and helping you to do the right things with clarity and confidence.

Mental Wellbeing Courses

All of our courses are designed to help individuals at all organisational levels, with a range of mental health challenges. Equipping them with the tools and knowledge to support themselves and others. If you can’t see the topic you need, we can also design tailored courses.

Courageous, Compassionate Conversations
Free Lunchtime Webinar 25th August

Learn how to have challenging mental wellbeing conversations at work.

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Become a Better Listener

Today is world listening day Listening well is imperative for our relationships at work. When we listen attentively and effectively to another we’re showing them that they matter to us. That we value them and what they are saying and that they have our undivided attention. There is an important difference between listening and hearing. Hearing simply means that we have heard the words someone

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Financial Insecurity & Mental Wellbeing at Work

64% of UK staff are stressed about their finances The cost of living crisis is negatively impacting employees mental wellbeing. The Royal College of Psychiatrists estimates that the cost of living crisis poses a threat of pandemic proportions to the nations mental health (June 2022). With 30% of adults saying they have no where to turn and 3 in 4 employees having never discussed their

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What is Mental Wellbeing?

Discover what we mean by mental wellbeing and what this looks like at work. Understanding exactly what we mean by mental wellbeing, is imperative if we’re to create workplaces that protect, support and promote it. Lets start with clarifying what mental wellbeing isn’t: Mental wellbeing isn’t unending happiness and joy. It isn’t only having positive thoughts or feelings nor is only experiencing wonderful things and

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