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Rebecca Smith

Peaches are often referred to as the fruit of calmness. They have a strong centre and a special skin that allows the rain to run off the fruit rather than soak in and cause damage. The peach epitomises our approach to mental wellbeing.

Rebecca, is an experienced psychotherapist, supervisor and mental wellbeing consultant. Working in businesses, charities, schools and forensic settings she gained 1000’s of hours of clinical experience and is an expert in just what it takes to navigate challenges successfully and what environments support wellbeing. She’s passionate about equipping individuals and organisations with the tools, knowledge and support to build Peachier Minds and Workplaces.

Now more than ever, wouldn’t we all like things to be a little more peachy?

Lets make things a little more peachy

Our approach

Mental Wellbeing Supervision

Ongoing supervision with a mental health professional provides an opportunity to sustainably address the wellbeing needs of your employees and MHFA’s.

Mental Wellbeing Consultancy

Peachy workplaces enhance mental wellbeing. Rebecca uses her extensive psychological knowledge and expertise to support companies in meeting their wellbeing targets. 

Mental Wellbeing Courses

Our courses have been designed to help individuals with a range of mental health challenges, equipping them with the tools to support themselves and others. 

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Mental Wellbeing Supervision

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