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Courses designed to help build  psychologically healthy and safe working environments: That are happier places to be and more financially successful.


Our courses have been designed to help individuals with a range of mental health challenges and equip them with the tools to support themselves and others. 


Workplaces should enhance mental wellbeing. Our courses can help the development of the positive organisational attributes that promote mental wellbeing.

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Rebecca Smith

Peaches are often referred to as the fruit of calmness. They have a strong centre and a special skin that allows the rain to run off the fruit rather than soak in and cause damage. The peach epitomises our approach to mental wellbeing.

Rebecca, is a qualified psychotherapist and mental wellbeing consultant. Working in businesses, charities, schools and forensic settings she gained 1000’s of hours of clinical experience and is an expert in just what it takes to navigate challenges successfully and what environments support wellbeing. She’s passionate about equipping individuals and organisations with the tools and knowledge to build Peachier Minds and Workplaces.

Now more than ever, whether at home or at work, wouldn’t we all like things to be a little more peachy?


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What Causes Stress?

If we all will suffer from stress at some point what causes it? As human beings we are pre-programmed to experience stress. At the root of all stress is the potential absence or removal of something that we perceive as necessary to our survival. This could be food, heat, shelter – hence the potential stress of the increases in the cost of living. As human

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Three things you need to know about stress

Understand better how you experience stress. When we understand how we experience stress we put ourselves in a stronger position to reduce and navigate it more effectively. In turn, this helps us to lessen the negative impact it has on our lives. These are the three main parts of how we experience stress: The first is the event (either emotional or physical) that we interpret

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Kindness at Work

Creating a culture of Kindness in the Workplace At the height of the pandemic there was a huge focus on the importance of Kindness and positive impact it can have. As we begin to learn to live with Covid here’s a few ways in which you can really embed kindness within your workplace. 1. Ask for Feedback Asking your team for feedback about how they

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